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Hearing about the soon-to-come third edition of Cluj’s Home Made Fair made me get off my lazy behind and post another two or three thingies I have made lately (ok, so maybe not that recently, but can still be considered new :).  I have been experimenting wit other types of materials, among wich is a weird type of air-dry ceramic paste, which I painted with acrylics. I hope I’ll be able to participate at this Decembers’ fair with my new handcraft ambitions :). Untill then, take a glimpse at the thingies:


Brand new thingies to bring warmth in your hearts (and ears :P) for Christmas!

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Yes, yes I know the holidays are more than a month away, but I thought I should start earlier with the preparations this year :P.  So, these are some funky dunky ideas about how the winter accessories should look like. I have in plan to make many other models, but I’m waiting for the weekend.  So, please feel free to commment. Meanwhile, dream about the glittery, cinnamon flavour of  Xmas :D.

The 18th was a great day. Not only inspirational :P. I made these brooches and soon there are more to come.

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