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A glimpse of Xmas

Posted on: noiembrie 4, 2008

Yes, yes I know the holidays are more than a month away, but I thought I should start earlier with the preparations this year :P.  So, these are some funky dunky ideas about how the winter accessories should look like. I have in plan to make many other models, but I’m waiting for the weekend.  So, please feel free to commment. Meanwhile, dream about the glittery, cinnamon flavour of  Xmas :D.


2 răspunsuri to "A glimpse of Xmas"

hey…..vreau si euuuu 😀 cum pot cumpara? 😀

You should really bring these tomorrow at the Home Made Fair.
I’m looking forward to the fair as it will be the perfect place for me to shop for Christmas. And congrats for the new collection 😀

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